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Send in your design, and see it come to life!

Create customised uniforms and workwear for your staff

If you need your staff to look and feel like they are part of a team, an embroidered uniform with your own logo or staff names is a great way to achieve this. With your embroidery commissions, we can create embroidered shirts, jackets, T-shirts. and hoodies for your staff, and make sure everyone looks the part for their role. 

Are you looking for something unique to give to a relative?

With Ready Thready Stitch, you can embroider a wide range of items, to create the perfect gift for your loved-one, and give them something personal that they will treasure for a lifetime.

We craft embroidered gifts for people across the UK, helping make their Christmas or birthday a day to remember, with your help of course. Enquire into our embroidery service today. 

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 Embroidered workwear with the name Jeff on a dark jacket


Uniforms And Workwear

You can also order bespoke workwear for your staff, whether you need them to be recognised in a shop, or appear professional and trustworthy while traveling in their role. You can arrange for polo shirts with your logo embroidered, or for jackets with a design or company name added professionally.

We create embroidered workwear here in Crewe, and with our help you can have the commissioned embroidery items you need. Call our embroidery service today on 07568 326113, or email enquiries@readythreadystitch.co.uk with your idea.

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Your Bespoke Embroidery Commissions

With a bespoke commission you send in your design, and tell us where you would like it stitched, and we shall complete the rest. We create team sports kits, personalised gifts, corporate upholstery, and embroidered workwear for clients across the UK.

Once we agree to the assignment, we will then embroider your item with a high degree of accuracy and design, making sure that your gift or workwear consignment looks as natural and well put-together as possible.

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 Embroidering a company logo to a piece of workwear


We Can Complete The Following Types Of Embroidery commissions

Personalised gifts

A children's' T-shirt wth Lando embroidered on it

We can personalise a wide range of gifts to suit your loved one, as long as it is in fabric, and we have a design to hand.



Embroidered T-shirt for 1st birthday

Having baby clothes embroidered with their names is a wonderful gift for both baby and parents!

Soft toys

Embroidered teddy bear as a child's gift

A young child will often treasure a soft toy, long after they have grown out of it, so a name or embroidered message can be truly heart-warming.


Horse rugs

An embroidered horse rug with Lady Eimean embroidered onto it

You can have horse rugs and a range of other horse accessories embroidered to a high level and help you to be best in show!

Dog collars and pet clothes

Embroidered dog coats on a pair of toys

For everything from dog collars to sleeping beds for cats, you can have customised embroidered accessories for them.

Uniform and workwear

Embroidered work hats with pom-poms on top

Get your company logo out there, and make sure your team of staff are recognised, with our customised workwear.


 Sport teams

Embroidered sports team logos on jumpers

From football kits to hockey uniforms, your sports team can have a kit, and sponsorship unique to them.

 Cushion Covers

Embroidered cushion covers with Believe in the Magic and a reindeer on it

You can spruce up your sofas, and customise your cushions with our bespoke upholstery embroidery.

Seasonal Items

Embroidered Christmas stockings with Jack, Michelle & Lee, and Katie on them

Make every Christmas personal and special, by adding names, messages and symbols to your Christmas décor. 



Order your embroidery commissions here

If you are looking for embroidered workwear, fill in the form here, and we can have a chat about what you want for your staff and business.

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Quality guarantee

All our embroidery is of professional quality and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with its standard.


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Personal service

With each order, we can discuss the project in detail to make sure it looks exactly as you want.


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UK-based business

All our embroidery is completed right here in Crewe, for customers across the United Kingdom.