Custom Embroidered T-shirts

100s of embroidery designs to choose from

If you would like to get a special gift for a loved-one, but don't have a design in mind, you can choose from one of our many designs here and we will create it for you. If you wish you can supply the fabric or item you would like it embroidered on, or we can embroider simple items for you, such as tea towels, pillow cases, cushion covers, and plain T-shirts.

We create custom embroidered T-shirts, jackets, shirts, hoodies, soft toys, and more, right here in Crewe and deliver them across the country. We have a wide range of pre-designed ideas for anyone looking for a special present or personalised home décor.

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Great value and beautiful design

With our prefabricated designs, it means we can commence with the embroidery right away, knowing the design is exactly as it needs to be, and you will receive your embroidered gift quickly too. This method is much more cost effective than transferring a design from a drawing or diagram into embroidery from scratch, meaning custom embroidered T-shirts, gifts, toys, clothing and upholstery is within the reach of almost any budget.


Have a look at our range of pre-designed embroidery you can choose from and select your design. We perform our embroidery services for customers across the country.


Embroidered T-shirts with 'too hip to hop' bunny logo

Embroidered T-shirt for Jasmine with Santa Claus and Rudolf on the front


Embroidered T-shirt for the Griswold family Christmas with a tree strapped on top of a car

Embroidered bag for Lando with a cartoon knight on the front holding up their sword


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If you are looking for custom embroidered T-shirts, personalised jackets, and bespoke embroidered gifts, fill in our embroidery service form here, and we can have a chat about what you want for your embroidery project.

Why choose Ready Thready Stitch? 

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Quality guarantee

All our embroidery is of a high standard and comes with our guarantee that you will be satisfied with its professional quality.

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Personal Service

With each order, you can talk about the project in detail so it truly is personal to you.

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UK-Based Business

All our embroidery is carried out here in our workshop in Crewe, for customers all over Britain.


You can rest assured that your gift will look great and the embroidery and stitching will last as long as the item it is crafted on.